Home Renovation

DateFebruary 2013
LocationSouth Etobicoke

JP Stringham hired Par-Tek in the spring of 2014 to design and build an addition to his home. The original intent was to add a second story, but the existing rear addition would not be able to withstand the loads. A simple feasibility study was conducted to establish zoning and design constraints.

A plan was formed to demolish the existing rear addition and replace it with a new one that would also withstand the loads of a future second story. The entire first floor was revamped with the removal of most walls and new drywall over all of the existing plaster to walls and ceilings. After design was complete and building permit received in early July, the actual construction was completed in 20 weeks. The master was temporarily moved to the basement, in anticipation of the second floor addition within two years. A display kitchen, countertop and appliances were purchased from a KIJIJI ad for $6500, plus a new countertop and some re-configuring of cabinets. The final product looked very much like one home on the interior (not an addition) with new hardwood throughout. Much thought went into the kitchen layout, doors and lighting design, with a solid result.

From the client

“In the spring of 2014 I engaged Par-Tek to design and build an addition to my home in South Etobicoke. Par-Tek and Andrew Parker, owner, did an excellent job of steering us through the various options in a very open and informative way. Andrew’s ability to provide detailed costing while exploring the various options was greatly appreciated and gave me the confidence that I would receive excellent value for my money and control the budget. The Par-Tek team of engineers and architects put together a feasibility study for a very reasonable cost that showed us all of the design constraints and bylaws that would affect the addition. In the end, we found that our existing rear addition was so poorly constructed that is would not sustain the loads of the intended second floor addition.

Andrew again steered us through the various options and problems. Because of budget constraints, the decision was made to create two phases, two years apart. The first phase would be to demolish the problematic existing addition and replace it with a new, larger addition that would be engineered to withstand a future, Phase two second floor addition.

Phase one would also include opening up the main floor, fluffing the basement, completely new finishes throughout, with new kitchen and a large rear deck for entertaining. The Par-Tek team and Andrew consistently exceed my expectations throughout the project from beginning to end. I am very satisfied with the quality throughout and appreciate the transparency in their process.

I look forward to engaging Par-Tek again for the second floor Phase two and I would heartily recommend them to anyone considering a major renovation.