ParTex is an award winning designer for client service and design. We practice three simple principals: Will the final design meet intended budget? Will it meet stated needs as well as needs 5 years from now? Will the cost add more to market value than the just the cost of construction?


We are builders first, and designers second. Everything we build is sound and lasting 50 years or more. We are only interested in producing a high quality product, for a medium cost. Through our 38 -plus years of experience, we see issues that others don’t. Initial costs may be higher but problems will be fewer. Final costs will be the same, we just see the total job sooner.


When managing projects for others, or that are the designs of others, we will remain true to the designer’s original intent and vision. We utilize Excel spread sheets throughout the project to prepare initial budget costs, proposed changes, actual changes, deficiency list, all in a very transparent manner.